Today’s world of cat toys offers an enormous selection. Many of the most popular types can be made at home. If your cat is getting lazy and fat, you need to consider making or purchasing a few new cat play items. Toys are an excellent way to get a cat up and moving. They will benefit from the increased amount of activity, as well as the mental effects of having fun.

These play items are a great way to keep your cats active and healthy. A cat’s natural curiosity will be peaked and they will spend great amounts of time chasing and batting at a toy. The most popular items are those that suspend on a string or are easy for the cat to catch. A cat has a somewhat short attention span, and you need to switch out the items often or your cat will just lose interest in playing with them. A nice variation of cat toys will ensure your cat is always playing. Make sure your selection offers a variety such as squeaky mice verses cloth options. Scratch and Purr

Many of these cat toys can be made at home. Toilet paper rolls, plastic straws, foil balls, and even a walnut can make your cat act like a kitten. Be careful and make sure these items have no sharp edges. Just as you wouldn’t let a child play with a small object, don’t let your cat play with small objects either, as they could choke on it. Some objects will also tear easily or stain your carpet. Also, you need to consider that some cats have claws. Make sure you offer options that are durable if this is the case. Take care to protect your cat and your belongings.

Pet shops offer an incredible variety of cat toys that are usually safer than those made at home. Some popular kinds of items are those which require your cat to swing at or knock something around. Fuzzy balls or even a ping pong ball will usually entertain your cat for quite awhile. One nice bonus to a bat and swing item is that you don’t have to be with the cat for it to enjoy the toy.

Items that contain catnip can also be popular. These can cause hallucinations to kittens under the age of four weeks and should not be given to these small babies. Be sure you are buying fresh catnip or it could be dangerous to your cat. Many catnip items contain organic catnip, and you can find them online or in pet supply stores. Also consider that while these items can be fun for cats, they can be harmful to children.

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