Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01, which not only has lovely looks but is also well equipped with many impressive features. The phone has been launched in India on May 2, 2021 ( Official) at an coming price of Rs 9,000. It comes with a metal body and curved edge display. Also, it is equipped with a 2.0 Mega Pixels camera. It has a dual tone flash, SMS flash, and Web browser, besides many other features. samsung galaxy m01

Samsung Galaxy M01 comes with two cameras, namely, the Exmor P, and the Intelliphone 6 mega pixel. These two cameras have been accompanied by various other unique features, like, manual image stabilization, panoramic images, dual rear camera setup, and optical zoom. The Samsung Galaxy M01 has been loaded with a lot of features, like, Bluetooth, GPS connectivity, USB, Wifi, games, and many more. But, the biggest advancement of this phone is the software interface. The interface has been enhanced with several unique user-friendly features like, dialing, messaging, email, and many more. The touch screen is really comfortable to use.

Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the sibling of the Samsung Galaxy S M01, also comes with an advanced visual phone interface. The phone has a stunning look and it is filled with features. With the help of an efficient user-interface, you can perform multiple tasks on this gadget. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers you the facility to take multiple selfies, along with different kinds of effects like, blurs, grey scale, etc. This is one of the most happening communication gadgets, which has captured the imagination of the users.

Samsung Galaxy S8 also offers a unique feature – Dual Shot. It enables the user to take a picture of the subject in either portrait mode, or landscape mode, depending upon the chosen aspect ratio. This amazing feature makes the Samsung galaxy M01 smartphone highly convenient to carry and use. It enables you to capture two-party pictures in high resolution and high quality, without losing the quality of the first picture.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a fantastic camera, which offers a unique attribute called Dual Shot. It uses both the primary camera as well as the secondary camera in the Samsung galaxy S8 smartphone to take the best possible photographs. This unique attribute makes it a must buy in all the market, and is a part of its premium price. It allows you to take two-party selfies, with blurred background and blurry images, all done automatically. This makes it highly convenient.

The Samsung galaxy M01 runs on Samsung’s latest octa-core Snapdragon 439 processor, allowing it to run quickly and efficiently. The large pixel size of the pixels of the Samsung galaxy M01 allows it to take brilliant photos and videos. You can find all the latest features of this smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. It offers you a vibrant interface, a wonderful user interface, plenty of storage space, and a huge memory space. It is one of the best smartphones available in the market, and that is why thousands of people have already bought it.

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