For a long time now, China has served the entire world with fascinating products. There is practically no product in the world that Chinese manufacturers have not produced. Little wonder international buyers flock into China day and night for commercial reasons. For buyers who cannot or do not want to visit China, online shopping is the way to go. Online shopping provides enormous benefits for people who want products from China without the hassles of long distance travelling.

While online shopping is great, it doesn’t come without significant downsides. With the exception of Alibaba and its direct affiliates, most other popular Chinese online stores like 1688, Tmall, Taobao and JD have their texts written in Chinese language. Obviously, this is a challenge for international customers. Often times, buyers looking to purchase from China encounter a myriad of problems, some of them are:

– Communication with the sellers
– Selecting the best quality products
– Making payments
– Shipping purchased items.

How to Overcome These Challenges

There is just one proven way to buy from a foreign country, especially if language and logistics could prove to a herculean task – shopping agents. Shopping agents help to eradicate the hurdles that could be faced when purchasing products online. Using shopping agents is almost the same as shopping from your favorite online store. The only difference is the purchase will be made on the buyers’ behalf and shipped to them. Basically, the following steps are involved:

Step One: Registering on the Website.

First of all, buyers looking to have a third-party shopping agent make purchases for them must create an account with the shopping agent. This involves a registration, setting up a profile, adding addresses and providing a means of payment. Once the buyer’s account is complete, orders can be placed. However, it is important – not just in the ecommerce industry, but in any online subscription service – to read the terms and conditions of the company in question before commencing.

Step Two: Placing an order 레플리카쇼핑몰

Once registration is complete and a buyer has familiarized him/herself with the website, the next thing to do is to proceed with placing orders. To do this, buyer needs to follow simple instructions and fill custom fields on the form that will be displayed on the shopping agent’s website.

The steps highlighted below should be followed next:

Search for Desired Item:

Browsing through online stores in search of desired items. Once a desire item is found, buyer has to copy the product link and head straight to the shopping agent’s website. Alternatively, buyer may just copy the product name (not link this time), head over to shopping agent’s website and search for it there. If the item is found – good. If not, the site offers alternatives. But if a buyer is still not satisfied with the results, the agent will complete the order using the link to the given product.



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