There are lots of truckers that start out as solo drivers either doing short or long haul routes on their own. Often, because of the increased earning potential with team driving, the thought of becoming a team driver begins to seem like a great solution to consider. In addition, as a team driver, you don’t have those lonely, long treks on the road with no one to talk to unless you want to burn minutes on your cell phone trying to catch people that aren’t at work. Now, with changes in regulations with regards to cell phone use when driving even that can be difficult.

The big decision to become a team driver is usually related to potential earning benefits. This is because, as a team, you can literally be putting miles on the truck for about 22 hours a day on a good day. While your overall cents per mile will be less than a solo driver, with both of you driving you are constantly earning without the required downtime that a single or solo driver experiences. In addition, just like with solo drivers, teams are eligible, depending on company policies, for bonus mile pay and even percentage on-time pay.

Higher Demand

Teams are often in high demand with trucking companies, so much so that there can be a significant signing bonus for a team over a solo driver. Just make sure to carefully read the signing bonus and ensure that you work the hours or stay with the company long enough to collect the bonus. Clackmann Weather

The reason that trucking companies are more interested in hiring teams over solo drivers all comes down to service and miles. With two drivers the loads get from Point A to Point B faster, service tends to be more dependable and team drivers tend to stay with trucking jobs longer than solo drivers. This may be attributed to the fact they are driving with someone they like and know and they are more satisfied overall with the job.

Choosing A Partner

There are two ways to become a team driver. The first one is by choosing your own “team” or partner through either trucking with a spouse, a family member, or trucking with someone you know that you already have some type of professional relationship or friendship. A lot of times solo drivers will get to know each other on a job and then, when there is a company hiring teams, they partner up to apply for the team job.

If you are interested in trucking with a spouse you may find that getting sponsored to attend a company driving school is even easier. Companies are often willing to put both spouses through driver training since they know they will continue to be a team afterwards and will earn the company back the investment in the educational costs much quicker than a solo driver. However, keep in mind you will owe twice the amount back of a single student as well.

The second option is to have a team driver assigned by a company. Some companies do a very good job in matching teams based on experience, age, interests and other factors. This can be surprisingly effective but you won’t have that immediate relationship so it can take a few weeks to really get comfortable with the other person.

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