The new, thinner, sleeker and more intuitive Oxygen skin from OnePlus has taken it’s place as one of the most popular skins for the Oxygen product line. While the 8T was already a nice phone, it lacked a few features that helped it out on the outside. This release addresses those complaints with a few new additions. OnePlus 9R

In terms of size and design, the OnePlus 9R comes in similar fashion to the OnePlus 8T, from top to bottom. However, the 9R, also, feels a bit big and bulky, yet build quality is quite solid thanks in large part to the rubberized metal back. The earpiece casing is also not too large, but does stick out slightly. Overall, the side to side buttons are easy to press and are well protected by capacitive keys.

One of the biggest advantages of this handset is its camera setup. The onePlus series is synonymous with high end camera performance, especially for professional use. The Oxygen software allows users to easily adjust exposure, focus and speed for their pictures with an assortment of controls. This is in contrast to many other smartphones which require multiple clicking to take several shots. The camera setup on this handset allows for easy experimentation with the different settings.

As for the camera itself, the OnePlus 9R has an easy to use camera setup. There are dedicated buttons for the primary, optical zoom and playback. You can tap the dedicated buttons to switch between images. There is also a dedicated dial for shooting video. The camera also has an auto focus option, so you don’t need to manually focus your shot. The Sony IMX cubes are well protected by capacitive keys, which are easy to use.

Another huge advantage of this handset is its long battery life. At just over a hundred and fifty milliamp hours, the onePlus 9R manages to match the battery life of many mid range phones. This makes it perfect for those that need a smartphone with extensive operation capabilities but don’t want to invest in a top of the line device that would cause a drain on their bank account. If you use your phone heavily, you should consider this amazing smartphone.

The only thing missing from this great smartphone is the ability to use a microSD card. However, the OxygenOS software enables you to add up to two hundred and fifty songs from your existing music service, so you can enjoy all your music storage options even on this device. The onePlus series also supports the new Bluetooth 5.1 technology, which is much faster and more compatible than the older Bluetooth technology. For these reasons, the OxygenOS one will most certainly be the best Android phone for you to own.

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